Over the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve posted many tips on where to eat in Paris. In fact, I’ve assembled so many tips, that I can imagine it’s hard to find the one your looking for. Even I sometimes can’t keep track of them!

So I decided to both you and myself a favour, and assemble all tips on one practical map of the city: The Eva in the Kitchen Paris Food Map. That way you can easily find a good place to eat near your hotel or Airbnb. Of course, I’ll be updating this map regularly with new discoveries.

The Eva in the Kitchen Paris Food Map

The places on this map are those that I visit personally and where I always pay for my own meals, my restaurant tips are not sponsored.

I hope you enjoy Paris!

PS If you want to follow me behind the scenes in Paris, see where I eat and what’s on my plate: follow me on Snapchat! You can find me under the name evainthekitchen.


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