Like in most big cities, it can be difficult to find a place to sit outside when it’s warm in Paris. Of course there are parks to hang out and picnic, but if you for example want to have drinks in the sun after work, you’d better be quick. Tables in the sun are always the first ones to be taken. But I’ve found a new great place to go to, Les Berges. They’ve transformed the banks of la Seine into a long promenade, filled with bars, places to have a bite (don’t expect fancy restaurants, but you can get a burger) and cultural places. There are private spaces you can reserve, like a tipi for kids’ birthday parties or a lounge for you and your friends to relax or to have a meeting. It has loads of opportunities for kids to play, to picnic and you stroll/cycle/rollerblade for a few kilometers. And of course, it’s a perfect opportunity to view some real Parisian hipsters out in the wild.

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