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I’m available for freelance recipe development, food writing and food photography. I am currently represented by Stockfood food image agency.
I have worked as a culinary contributor for DUTCH, the magazine during 2 years, and am a regular contributor at Honest Cooking and Alimentari Magazine.

More about my photography can also be found on my portfolio.

If you would like to work with me, need information or have an idea you want to discuss, please contact me.

Eva in the Kitchen

Looking forward to hear from you!



Statistics (February 2016)

Page views            69.068
Visitors                  12.068

Reader demographics                           Social Media
Gender         79% female                               Instagram        3000+
Age               56% 25-44                                 Facebook          900+

Top 5 countries
1    USA (39%)
2   UK (23%)
3   Canada (8%)
4   Australia (8%)
5   Netherlands (4%)

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