This is one of my absolute favourite restaurants. Nothing fancy, and the interior looks a bit like time stood still. But the staff is fantastic, such a well organized team, and they focus on a few classics from the Auvergne that they’ve mastered to perfection.

Many migrants from the Auvergne, a region in central France, started restaurants or butcher shops when they moved to Paris. The region is famous for rich dishes as truffade (mashed baked potatoes with cheese), aligot (a special puree with cheese) and Cantal (cheese). Lot’s of cheese as you can see, which is right up my alley! Le Plomb du Cantal is the highest mountain in the Cantal region, in the Auvergne, hence the name.


And at le Plomb du Cantal, they serve the aligot and truffade out of beautiful copper pots. They’re very skilled at serving the aligot. I’ve you’ve ever had aligot, which is a very elastic puree, you’d know that serving that food gracefully is an art!

One warning: this is a place for meat lovers, I’m not sure vegetarian visitors will find something of their liking on the menu. I usually take an entrecôte with truffade, and I can never finish the plate, because the portion sizes are very, very generous.


They have two restaurants, I normally go to the one in the 14th arrondissement, near Montparnasse, in the Rue de la Gaité. It’s always packed, especially for sunday lunch. When you’re planning on eating at le Plomb du Cantal with a group, it’s probably wise to make a reservation.

I haven’t been able to find a website, so this picture I’ve made of the menu has proven to be very useful!


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