Just a few steps away from the always insanely busy Louvre you can find a more tranquil and green place to relax a bit after the hustling and bustling around worlds most visited museum. It’s a actually a square, surrounded by small shops and restaurants, with gardens to take a walk or to simply sit by the fountain to give those tired legs a rest. It’s constructed in the 17th century and has beautiful buildings, framing the square.


Being so close to Musée du Louvre and being a monument itself, Palais Royal is never really quiet, but it’s a huge difference from the busy streets in this arrondissement.

Jardin du PalaisRoyal 2

Last time I was there, it was about time for le goûter, that nice tradition to eat something sweet around 4 o’clock. Although it’s considered mainly for children, I’m happy to join in and embrace this tradition as my own. Actually, it is my tradition, in the Netherlands this time of day is considered tea time, and everyone knows a cup of tea is best enjoyed with some cookies.

We went to Villa Lys, one of the restaurants you can find at the arcades surrounding the square. Since cookies were not on the menu, I was obliged to take the cheesecake and to eat it all (O, what misfortune…). What a perfect moment of rest on a busy saturday afternoon!

Restaurant Villa Lys

Practical information about Palais Royal can be found on the website of national monuments



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