There’s a long Easter weekend coming up, at least for me, since Easter monday is a public holiday in both the Netherlands and France. The food traditions for this holiday are a bit different for both countries.

In the Netherlands we like to have a big Easter breakfast, with lots of eggs! I remember the special knitted egg-warmers in the shape of chickens form my childhood, to keep those precious eggs warm. Of course there was also a bowl of hard boiled cold eggs, often painted in hideous colours by me and my sisters, causing the egg inside the shell to have some nasty green or purple shade. Not very attractive, but traditions must be honored! These recent years, brunch instead of breakfast is getting more and more popular, with most magazines giving recipes for savoury and sweet brunch dishes instead of typical breakfast foods. The one thing that remains constant is the traditional egg-hunt for kids, with chocolate eggs hidden everywhere in and outside the house by the Easter bunny.

In France they also have this tradition of egg-hunting, but the difference is that the chocolate eggs are brought by the Easter bell (yes, that’s right, the bell hides the eggs! If you thought our bunnies were clever, think again, the French have bells that are able to bring you chocolate…). Overall, chocolate plays a big role in Easter food in France. You can buy beautifully shaped and decorated big chocolate eggs, bells and bunnies, filled with more chocolate. I haven’t noticed a change in French breakfast routine, but for Easter lunch they bring out the big works. A big meal, that consists of several courses, of which the main one is often lamb, since it symbolizes spring.

I’ve made a selection of previous recipes that I believe fit well at the Easter table, for all sorts of meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner).

Happy Easter everyone! Joyeuses Pâques!

Breakfast & Brunch ideas

Homemade bread
homemade no knead spelt bread

French toast with salty caramel

Welsh cakes

welsh cakes



Homemade raspberry lime jam
Raspberry and lime jam

 Quick quiche
leek quiche 2

Sweet treats

Raspberry lemon cake
lime and raspberry cake


Lemon financiers
Lemon financiers


Matcha green tea madeleines
matcha green tea madeleines

Oreo & salted caramel cheesecakes
Oreo and salted caramel cheesecakes

Lunch & Dinner ideas

 Avocado, baked feta and pomegranate seeds salad
salad with avocado, baked feta and pomegranate seeds

Honey mustard roasted pork belly
Honey mustard roast pork belly

Easy Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington





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