Welcome to Eva in the Kitchen, where it’s all about food, and food in  Paris.

Eva in the KitchenI’m Dutch and living in Paris, France with my French boyfriend, my boyfriends daughter, the Teen (17 already, time flies!) and our baby Lea. I’m currently working from home as a photographer and writer, while also taking care of Lea (and as anyone with a baby will recognize: this sounds waaay easier than it actually is). As fabulous as Paris is, I do miss my home country so I still travel regularly back to the low lands (aka the Netherlands).

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than cooking for the people I love, and sharing delicious food with family and friends. I hope this website inspires you to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

Let’s eat great food!

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Q & A 

What kind of products do you use?
Because I believe it’s better for us and our planet, I try to use as many fresh, organic and fair trade products as I can. However, I’m very practical about this. If there’s no fair trade or organic variant available, I’ll buy whatever they have. Because it’s easier to buy organic products in the Netherlands than in France, and I don’t always want to make the trip to the special bio store, I tend to eat more organic food in the Netherlands. But on the other hand, the choice of regional products is bigger in France, so I buy more locally produced food when I’m doing my groceries in Paris. The cost of different products is important as well, at the end of the month I often pay more attention to price than when my paycheck just came in.

Do you make everything from scratch?
No, I certainly don’t! Frankly, I’m a big fan of a bit of cheating in the kitchen. For example, if I have the time I prefer to make my own stock, but I also have a day job and spending hours cooking to make stock is just not always an option. I love to make everything from scratch if I have time, but if not, I don’t feel ashamed at all to take the shortcut. There are many good products out there that save you a lot of time and even allow you to make more ‘difficult’ dishes than you would if you were to make everything yourself.

Are your recipes and pictures free to use?
All photographs, recipes and text on this website are subject to international copyright © Eva in the Kitchen 2013-2016, unless otherwise indicated.
You are welcome to link to a recipe on Eva in the Kitchen by using one image, a title and a direct link back to Eva in the Kitchen for all recipe details and instructions. You are not allowed to publish recipe details (including the ingredients list or instructions) on websites or media of any kind.
If you wish to publish recipe details, please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out. I am one of the food photographers for StockFood, food image agency.

Are these your own recipes?
Yes, I develop and test all the recipes on this website myself. If they’re not my own, or if I have adapted someone else’s recipe, I always mention this clearly in the blogpost.

Are these your own pictures?
Yes, I do my all of my own photography. For photography tips, please see my post on my photo set up and my post on my favourite equipment and tips.

Can I hire you?
Sure! Take a look at my portfolio for more information. If you wish to contact me for business opportunities, please send me a message.

I’m going to Paris, and I need a restaurant/hotel, do you have any tips?
You can find different tips for eating in and around Paris on the Eva in the Kitchen Paris Food Map. If you require something specific, please contact me.

What language do you speak in Paris?
That depends. With my boyfriend I usually speak English, but when his daughter (the minichef) is around we speak French. I speak Dutch to Lea, she doesn’t speak back yet though ;-)
With my French family and our friends I usually speak French.

Why are all your restaurant reviews positive? Don’t you ever come across a mediocre place?
Of course I do! But since I’m not a restaurant critic, I chose to only write posts about restaurants that are recommendable. The restaurants you’ll find on my blog, are the ones I’d visit for a second (or third, or fourth…) time myself. I would like to remark that I always pay for my own meals, my restaurant tips are not sponsored!

All photographs, recipes and text on this website are subject to copyright © Eva in the Kitchen, unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.  

Why do you blog in English and Dutch? And why aren’t all pages available in Dutch? 
Eva in the Kitchen has been around since November 2013, and up until January 2016 I only blogged in English. It wasn’t until recently that I started blogging in two languages (see the two flags in the menu on each page) and I haven’t translated all older posts yet. It is possible to find a link to an older English post on the Dutch version of this site. I’m trying to translate everything, but as we’re talking about more than 250 recipes, that might take some time and I might never really get round to do all of them, sorry!